We are thrilled to share the remarkable journey of Primo (Pvt) Ltd., a trailblazing force in Sri Lanka’s synthetic leather industry since its establishment on April 1, 2013. Originally known as Premier Synthetic Leather Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd., our commitment to excellence led us to merge with the esteemed DSI Samson Group in 2020, marking a pivotal moment in our evolution. It is worth noting that since April 1, 2023, Primo (Pvt) Ltd. proudly stands as an independent company, further solidifying our commitment to innovation and industry leadership.

Explore the diverse realms of synthetic leather through our website’s distinct sub-categories, each tailored to cater to a spectrum of industries. From Footwear and Automotive materials to Marine Vinyl, Healthcare, and Fashion Accessory materials, Primo (Pvt) Ltd. stands as a versatile solution provider. Our products share common attributes—durability, high tensile strength, flexibility, a wide color variety, waterproofing, and easy cleaning—ensuring reliability across the board. And also each category boasts its own set of special properties.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities empower us to not only provide general properties but also to customize any Pantone colors and textures, showcasing our innovative capacity. Collaborating with senior Italian consultants, we harness their expertise to facilitate international global exposure and contribute excellent knowledge to our product development and quality control, elevating our offerings to a seamless blend of quality and aesthetics.

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new Wallcovering project in 2024, a testament to our continuous pursuit of innovation. With over 500 local customers, 50 International customers, and 100 global suppliers, Primo (Pvt) Ltd. has established a robust network. The privilege of participating in the 2024 Footwear and Leather Exhibition presents an exciting opportunity to showcase our extensive product range. Join us in this journey of excellence as we redefine the standards in synthetic leather manufacturing.

Thank you for being part of the Primo (Pvt) Ltd. journey. We invite you to explore our website and discover the innovation, quality, and dedication that define our brand.